Due to the success of the Collin the Speedy Boy series, it recieved merchandise, including toys, clothes, Kid's Meal Promotions, a LEGO theme and more.


Collin's Speedy SongsEdit

Food and DrinksEdit

Promotions for Food and DrinksEdit

Promotions for RestaurantsEdit


LEGO themeEdit

LEGO Collin the Speedy Boy

FUNKO Pop!Edit

  • Collin the Speedy Boy
  • Tommy the Opossum
  • Flappy McFinger
  • Bryte

FUNKO Mystery MinisEdit

Series 1Edit

Series 2Edit

Action FiguresEdit

The action figures/Playsets are made by Spin Master.

Surprise EggsEdit

Zaini Surprise Eggs (outside of U.S./international)Edit

Kinder Surprise (outside of U.S./international)Edit

(Reserved for DonaldoC1997)

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