Collin the Speedy Boy 3D: The FingerTown Problem is a 3D platformer game developed by Eurocom and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is not only the second Collin the Speedy Boy to be in 3D, but it is also the first ever Collin the Speedy Boy with the modern designs.

The game was released on the PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and PC on July 2001, while the GameCube and PlayStation 2 versions came out the following year. A Xbox version was released a year later.

On 2011, a version for the Xbox 360 was released via Xbox Live Arcade.

18 years later after the orignal release, a enchanced remake, titled Collin the Speedy Boy 3D: The FingerTown Problem: Resped, for the game was released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with Traveller's Tales developing the remake instead of Eurocom, which closed down in 2012.




In 1998, when Collin and The Swift of Light was released, Warner Bros. was ready to do a 3D CTSB game


The gameplay is similar to both 40 Winks and A Bug's Life video game with elements from Sonic Adventure and Toy Story 2.

The N64 version of the game required a Controller Pak to save data (similar to Baylee). Having a Expansion Pak is required, being the only third-party N64 game to require the Expansion Pak. Instead of the usual Expansion Pak screen, if you don't have a Expansion pak inserted, you can see Collin (making a not amused face) with the text saying "Sorry. You need the Expansion Pak in order to play this game. In a meantime, until you can get it and insert it, play some other games!" with Collin's voiceover saying the same thing in times. The game is compatable with the Rumble Pak, so you will see the message that says "Please insert a Rumble Pak now if you want to play with it!" every time you enter a level.

The possible reason for the Expansion Pak requisition on the N64 version is probably because of the smooth animation of the characters similar to the Spyro series.




One enemy representing RacismEdit

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  • This is the first Collin the Speedy Boy game to be developed by Eurocom, and continued to develop games (with a noticeable exception of Flappy: The Protector of AnimalWorld, which was developed by Rare) until 2012, where Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment itself developed the remainder of games and Avalanche Software developing the games since 2017.
  • This is Kristina, Mattie and Halie's debut.
  • Similar to the cancelled Sonic Xtreme, this game had a very huge promotion, this list explains on the promotions of the game. (Collin the Speedy Boy 3D: The FingerTown Problem/Promotions).
    • One of the promotions had some bizarre promotions.
  • This game received a bundle for PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Gamecube back in 2002. The GameCube bundle has the Speed of Light Blue console (which is Cyan) and the game itself while the PlayStation 2 bundle has the console decorated with Collin the Speedy Boy objects and the game itself. The Xbox Bundle with the game would later be released in 2003 with the Xbox being colored transparent light blue and the game itself inside the bundle.
  • This is the last known Collin the Speedy Boy game to feature Bryte as a final boss.
  • With a total playtime of 8 hours and 36 minutes for 100%, this is, by date, the longest Collin the Speedy Boy game.