(The episode starts with Cooper reading a comic book)

  • Cooper: Cool! This comic book is so awesome!
  • Flappy: *coming in* Hey Cooper *Cooper screams*, what are you doing? Wait, did I scared you?
  • Cooper: Of course not! But you should knock the door before enter it. Someday I'll have a heart attack thanks to you!
  • Flappy: Sorry... Anyways, Collin wants me to tell you pets that he is at the day-long mission.
  • Diesel: Really? Did he take his teammates with him?
  • Flappy: No, it's a sole mission. He has to do it himself. Anyways, he also wants me to tell you he is putting you, Speed of Light Pets, in charge.
  • Cooper: Of course we will- wait, we're in charge?
  • Flappy: Yup. That's what Collin told me. Would you like to do it?
  • Cooper: Ah, sure. Easy!
  • Flappy: Cool! See ya later, guys. *Flappy tries to leave, but has no idea* Where is the door?
  • Freya: Take the dumbwaiter to the Speed of Light Kitchen.
  • Flappy: Ok, thanks. *takes the dumbwaiter and leaves*
  • Cooper: In charge of the HQ? Oh, it is NOT going to be easy.

(Theme song)

(End of theme song)

(Screen fades to the Speed of Light HQ where Haley Malone is seen putting up books)

  • Cooper: Hey, Haley. Do you have the "How to be The Good HQ Person in Charge" book? Collin placed me and my teammates in charge.
  • Haley: Of course, Cooper. Let me find it. *takes the book but all the others fall on her* Got it.
  • Cooper: Awesome! Thanks. *leaves*
  • Haley: *angry* Great! Now I have to clean up the books and put them back where they belong!

(Then, screen goes to the HQ with Cooper reading the book)

  • Cooper: *reading* Number 1: Be A Good Watcher. Whenever your master leaves, he always puts one of his gang in charge, and a person in charge must watch the place. *Cooper just stares into space.
  • Cooper: *reading* Number 2: Never do unwise decisions. A good leader always makes the best choices as possible.