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The Entertainment Software Rating Board is a video game rating company that was established in 1994.

Games ESRB ratedEdit

Rated E CTSB gamesEdit

  • Collin the Speedy Boy (1993, officially rated although ESRB wasn't introduced during that game's release)

Rated E10+ CTSB gamesEdit

  1. Kristina: The Great Rescue (2005)
  2. Stacie the Speedy Girl (2006)
  3. Collin: X-Treme Sports (2007)
  4. Collin: Dragon Legacy (2012)
  5. Collin the Speedy Boy Online (2012-2018)
  6. Collin: X-Treme Sports Charged (2012)
  7. Collin: The Blood Squad (2016)
  8. Halie: The Lost World (2016)
  9. Untitled Kristina sequel (2016)
  10. Collin: X-Treme Sports Reloaded (2016)
  11. Collin and Sonic: Speedsters Unite! (2018)
  12. Collin the Speedy Boy World (2018)
  13. Collin the Speedy Boy: The World Adventure (2018)
  14. LEGO Collin the Speedy Boy: The Video Game (2018) (not canon, but is part of the franchise)
  15. Collin: Dragon Legacy 2 (2019)
  16. Collin: Mechanical World (2019)


  • Most of the CTSB games are rated E, while some games are rated E10+
  • As of right now, none of the CTSB games are rated EC, T, M or AO.
    • Although, there was almost a educational CTSB game that was to be rated EC, and Halie: Haunted House and Kristina: The Great Rescue were almost gained a T and M rating, respectively before both were given a E and E10+ ratings, respectively.