Handy is a finger of Collin the Speedy Boy. He is currently voiced by Phil LaMarr.



The finger who's good at inventing things, he has a robot butler.


He is a finger who has on a blue-yellow cap with a wrench on it, blue shoes, has green eyes.

Handy's InventionsEdit

Handy/List of things he invented


  • As of Inventions Havoc, He owns a robot butler.
  • He is shown to be good friends with Stacie, Collin and the other fingers: Flappy McFinger, VoodooFinger, IceFinger, and GoofFinger
  • He has a wrench, he named it Ed.
  • He is not only good at inventing things, but he is also good at fixing things as well.
  • He lives in a upstair house inside his shop.
  • He is considered way smarter than the Looney Tunes character, Wile E. Coyote since his inventions were proven to be successful in FingerTown.