LEGO Collin the Speedy Boy are the constructions sets, being made by LEGO. These sets are based off the Collin the Speedy Boy franchise and new sets come out every year since 2015.

On November 2017, LEGO considered doing a LEGO Duplo version of this set, however in April 28, 2018, the Duplo version of the theme had its first set released.

The video game based on the sets is aimed for its November 21, 2018 release date.


  • 45001: FingerTown (MiniFigs included: Collin the Speedy Boy, Stacie the Speedy Girl, VoodooFinger, Flappy McFinger and Teary Eyed Bryte)
  • 45002: The Elefish Cave (MiniFigs included: Teary Eyed Bryte, Eli, Fang Suckle, Elefish King, Elefish Chef, and 2 Elefish servants)
  • 45003: A Dinosaur Chase (MiniFigs included: Collin the Speedy Boy, Jasmine Todd, Wesdragon, Gurkha and Sharp)
  • 45004:
  • 45005: Battle on the Skies (MiniFigs included: Super Collin, Super Stacie, Super Elisha, and Bryte)
  • 45006: The Swift of Light HQ (MiniFigs included: Elisha the Speedy Girl, Crystal, Harper, Scott, Toby & Taby, Squawker and Kelsie Aday)
  • 45007
  • 45008
  • 45009
  • 45010
  • 45012
  • 45013
  • 45019: Maxima's Attack (MiniFigs included: Collin, Braces, Evelynn Rodriguez and Maxima)


  • Despite being based on a more cartoony franchise similar to The Simpsons, the human minifig base has the same style as other minifigs (like Star Wars and Scooby-Doo).