This is the last of the human CTSB characters wore.


  • Collin - A gray long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, socks, shoes / a blue-black speed suit
  • Heather - A gray tanktop, red-blue jacket, blue jeans, flats and has brown hair / a sleeveless orange/black dress
  • Laney - A red-pink long sleeved dress and her brown hair is messy / a sleeveless purple-black dress
  • Hannah - A black sleeveless shirt, sleeveless Jean jacket, white long skirt, sandals and has a barrette on her back of her black hair / A sleeveless light blue-black suit
  • Jake - A gray t-shirt, blue jeans, socks, croc shoes and has brown short hair / Gray-black suit
  • Patrick (Colby) - A purple shirt, blue jeans, socks and sneakers, and has black short hair / Purple-black suit
  • Wesdragon (Wesley) - A dark red dragon
  • Trent - A orange shirt, gray gym shorts, sneakers with brown-ish blonde hair / green-black suit.

Dark SoLEdit

  • Stacie - Black cold shoulder t-shirt, front slit long jean skirt with hearts patched that touches her calves, socks, flats and her brown hair is in a ponytail/red top-showing belly, black-blue skirt, black Capri leggings and sneaker-like espardenyes and her hair is straight with a blue bolt on her cheek and the red bolt on the other. (There is also a Tear version of her.)

Other allies (most of them are girls)Edit

  • Caleigh - A gray long sleeved hoodie, t-shirt (comfirmed), jeans rolled to her calves, boots and her black hair is in a ponytail.
  • Jasmine (or Jasmyne) - Black bra, pink top, jean jacket, gray jacket, black/ pink/ white pattern long skirt, sandals and her light red hair is straight and has glasses.
  • Cheyenne Hubbert - Black hand-knitted shawl, red strapless dress, dark grey stockings, flats and her red-ish/black hair is in a wavy ponytail.
  • Lagan Ann Fuller - Either A red t shirt, dark gray capris with black leopard prints, sneakers and her hair is straight or a blue elbow shirt, black/white long skirt, sandals and her brown hair is wavy.
  • Nancy Samano - Tanktop that has straps off her shoulder, Jean skirt, black capri leggings, boots and her brown hair is straight.
  • Aaron Duncan - A red t-shirt, gym shorts, socks and shoes and his brown hair is in a ponytail.
  • Riley Logston - A red t-shirt, jeans rolled to her knees, socks, espardenyes, and her brown hair is straight/messy with a small ponytail on her back of her hair.
  • Kristina Austin - A one-sleeved black elbow t-shirt, long denim skirt that touches her calf, gray stockings, short boots and her brown hair is straight.
  • Baylee Mardis - A pink long-sleeved football fan shirt, gray capris, white sneakers, and she has red-ish hair with her hair in girly pigtails.
  • Delaney Zeedar - A gray t-shirt, dark gray tail coat, black capris, and black/white sneakers, her hair is straight/messy.
  • Kaitlyn Wood - A black long-sleeved sweater, dark gray capris, gray shoes, and her blonde hair is straight.
  • Haley Flanagan - A white shirt, white/gray long skirt, sandals and her red (brown in television/movies) hair is straight,
  • Haley Malone - Orange/blue one-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, boots and her reddish brown hair is straight.
  • Aleia Kelsey - A black long dress, tore up jean jacket, barefooted, her blonde hair is straight and has a moon crest on the left side of her cheek.
  • Caitlin Staggs - A red strapless crop top, black-purple high-low skirt, tore-up shoes that shows her feet, and her light brown hair is straight.
  • Heather Adams - Purple one-sleeved shirt, blue long hi-low skirt, sandals, bandages wrapped in her arms, damaged necklace and her blonde hair is straight.
  • McKinsley Skipworth - A white t-shirt, sleeveless jean jacket, red/yellow/white chevron pattern long skirt, sandals and her blonde hair is straight.
  • Ariel Naylor - A white strapless tanktop, sleeveless jean jacket, black capris, toe less shoes and her brown hair is in a bun with a loose curl.
  • Lyndsey Joiner -
  • Scarlett Johnson (Scarlett the Speedy Girl) -

(Still in process)

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