Teary Eyed Bryte
Background information
Feature films Collin the Speedy Boy
Collin the Speedy Boy: The Speedy Discovery
Television programs The Chronicles of Collin the Speedy Boy
Video games All CTSB games
Books and Comics
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Grey DeLisle (games, television series, MAD)
Selena Gomez (films)
Alex Borstein (Robot Chicken)
Performance model
Inspiration Dr. Eggman
Ren Hoëk
Jasper (Steven Universe)
Bowser (Mario)
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Blythe "Bryte" Teary the Third
Other names Bryte
Boss (rarely)
Personality Power-hungry, cruel, powerful, selfish, evil and cold-hearted
Appearance Black three-eyed bird, purple dress and black shoes
Alignment Bad
Goal To rid Collin and his gang (always failed)
Home FingerTown, USA
Allies The Teary Eyeds, Fang Suckle, The Elefishes, The Elefish King, Shallow (formerly), Gurkha and Sharp
Minions The Teary Eyeds, Fang Suckle and The Elefishes
Enemies Collin the Speedy Boy, Speed of Light, Tootsie, Carlos, Phil, Ariel Naylor, Fingers and Shallow
Likes Ambushing Collin, Wild, The Elefishes, cookies, cake and vegetables
Dislikes Collin and his team, Eli and Fang Suckle acting like idiots, when her minions don't respect her, Collin with her and meat
Powers and abilities Teleporting, flying and mind-controlling
Fate Keeps getting defeated by Collin

Teary Eyed Bryte, or simply Bryte, is a teary eyed and is the main antagonist of the Collin the Speedy Boy series. She made her debut in the first game.


Be careful, don't trust this evil bird.


Teary Eyed Bryte/Relationships



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